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Why We're Reliable & Can Give You Outstanding Results

Know the best way to contact us and how often, how we help you prepare for tax season, what we can help you with on an ongoing basis, how we help you grow your business, how we help you predict cash flow, what your break-even point is, how we asses the net value of your business, review and negotiate contracts before signing them, what the best options for your particular industry are, and what not to do when working with us.

In What Way & How Often Would We Contact Each Other

Simple and effective communication is the key to growth in any area of life. It should be the same way with us, we need constant communication so I know what’s going on with your business at all times.

We can discuss what your preferences for communicating are, whether it’s over the phone, in-person, or online. Then we can talk about how often.

How We Help You Prepare for Tax Season

For starters, we take the time-consuming task off your hands. We tell you about any credits, deductions and about new or previous tax laws that you can use in your advantage.

To avoid the rush, we recommend you to ask us all of your tax questions long before April 15th. That’ll also help us prepare and maximize any opportunity to help you save money.

Subjects We Should Discuss on a Regular Basis

We want to keep you aware of any factors that can affect your cash-flow, whether it’s good or bad. That’s why we recommend staying in touch with us throughout the year to help you with other financial decisions.

You need to know whether hiring an independent contractor or a full-time employee is better for your business. Whether you should buy or rent office space, vehicles or any other decision that requires you to spend money.

Best of all, we don’t talk to you in confusing accounting language. We communicate with you in a way that you can fully understand what we’re saying and get the big picture.

How We Help You Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business, you need the financial insights that an accountant can give you. 

You need regular plans that are realistic and that you can foresee. You don’t have to hope for big deals in the future. You can actually start preparing for them because you’ll be able to predict them.

Doing weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plans can only help you grow in your market.

How We Help You Predict Cash Flow

Projection your cash flow is important to your business to keep it alive. Without cash flow, you’d literally go out of business. 

Cash flows aren’t too hard to make if there aren’t many variables but in a real-life business, there’s a ton of variables that most entrepreneurs don’t even consider.

We help you foresee slow seasons and how to properly prepare for them. As well as what to do during the busy seasons to maximize profits and not have to turn down offers or deals for being unprepared.

When Do You Break-Even & How to Adjust Accordingly

The reason why knowing your break-even point is so important is that once we know it, we can adjust your prices and expenses to increase profits.

Once you know your break-even point, you’ll have a clear idea of the number of products or hours (services) you need to work to cover your costs. 

You don’t want to be working 12 hour days to not see a profit or see just a little. Just a little isn’t good enough. We want to take you from “just a little” to “a little too much.”

How We Know the Overall Value of Your Business

In case you’re planning to sell or for any other reason, you should know what your business is worth.

We can estimate the fair market value of your business in excess of any tangible assets. We examine your financial plan and execute a discounted cash flow analysis.

Another method is knowing and understanding exactly what you do and your industry. By understanding your industry, we help you see what drives value and steer in the correct path.

Know If a Contract Benefits or Hurts Your Company

Of course, you’ll want to speak to a lawyer as well for the legal side of things but you need to know the financial consequences.

It’s even better when we can work alongside your attorney to discuss what the best options are for your business. Then you’d be getting advice from both sides of the spectrum, legal and financial.

We Give You Advice on Your Specific Industry

Although accounting can be general, it’s also industry specific. There are tax laws and issues for each specific industry.

For example, if you’re a business that develops technologies, we help you identify tax opportunities that are specific to the technology industry. 

Or if you’re in construction, you need to know the benefits you’re required to give to each employee, what type of employees they should be and other requirements.

What You Shouldn't Do When Working with Us

You should always 100% honest and transparent with us from the beginning. If you’re not, we’ll find the truth at some point along the way, like during planning or tax season.

Another common mistake is not following our advice. We understand you might be hesitant of taking advice from another person on how to run your business. But we’re telling you how to run your business financially. 

We’re not here to tell you how to make your products, design your logos, how to build a house. No. We’re here to tell you about the best financial options you have.

An Emerging Revolutionary Company in the Path to Growth


Efrain started his career as an accountant in Honduras, where his first big job in managing a business was with the Coca-Cola distributor for the whole country.


We’ve been operating in the Greeley area for about eight years, helping business owners focus on what matters in their business.


Decided to get back to help entrepreneurs after years of working in the field and getting the necessary education.

Giving Helpful Advice to New & Big Businesses

We founded EXCOL with the sole purpose of partnering with entrepreneurs to provide the highest quality payroll services, tax return services, bookkeeping services, financial statement audits, and financial planning. EXCOL’s mission statement is “supporting business owners with all duties related to financial tasks.”

We offer highly qualified financial services using the fundamental principles of accounting and following the ethical guidelines by the IFAC. Enabling you to concentrate on the operational activity to grow your businesses and get a better and more steady marketplace positioning.

Get Proven & Timely Results for Your Business

We understand you might still be hesitant but just send us a message and see what happens. The worst case scenario is you don’t believe us but what if we can actually grow your business using our accounting skills? That’d be amazing! Right!?

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