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Metaphorically Representation of Classifying Workers

How to Classify Workers

Learn the main difference between an employee and an independent contractor, your duty as an employer, why it’s a big deal, the consequences of misclassification, the three big determining factors. and what to do if you’re still unclear.

Misclassifying workers is a mistake that the IRS doesn’t take lightly, so you want to get it right the first time.

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Example of Form 941 to Submit Payroll Taxes

How to Fill Out Form 941

Form 941 is also referred to as Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return. This form is used to verify the payroll tax deposits paid on Schedule B (Form 1040 for Income Tax).

The main purpose of Form 941 is to help you match the amount of taxes you owe with the amount of taxes you’ve withheld from employees.

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Metaphorically Representation of Deciding Between Hourly vs Salary

How to Decide Between Hourly vs Salary Pay

Learn who you should hire first, what is a salaried vs hourly employee, how to calculate an employee’s salary, if salary employees are eligible for overtime, and the consequences of not paying an employee properly.

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