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Tax Return Preparation for Military

Metaphorically Representation of Tax Options for the Military

Documents You Need as Military Personnel to File Taxes

We’ll need your photo or military ID, your and the social security cards of each family member you’re claiming, Forms W-2sW-2G1099-R, and any other wage or earning statementchildcare costs, income from investments, records of charitable donations, records of deductible costs, your bank information if you wish to have direct deposits and last year’s tax returns.

Documents Needed for Military Personnel to File Taxes

As military personnel, you’ll need a few extra documents than all the other

Find Military Tax Centers Near You

The military can receive help from VITA sites (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). They have volunteers that are specializing in complicated tax issues that are particular to the military.

Go to Base Guide to talk to your installation and have them help you find tax centers nearby.

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