A-Plus Study Notes For 2012 CFA Level II Certification


A former financial attorney and Merrill Lynch wealth management advisor,
who now teaches CFA courses and passed all three levels of the CFA exam on his first try,
has distilled the 6-volume CFA curriculum materials into only
the essential information you need to pass the Level II exam!

A-Plus Study Notes for 2012 CFA Level II Certification:
A Complete Course of Study for Chartered Financial Analyst

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification is becoming a necessary credential in today’s job market. Further, it usually leads to greater career advancement and earnings.

However, succeeding at this three-part exam is getting harder every year, with the pass rates for Level II usually around 39%. You could be the one-in-three who passes by using this streamlined, proven study method developed by a former Merrill Lynch financial advisor. He not only teaches CFA exam preparation internationally, but also passed all three levels of this famously difficult exam on his first try!

Sam Gottlieb was an attorney specializing in trust, estate and tax planning before joining Merrill Lynch in 2000, where he created a successful wealth management practice that emphasized a holistic approach to investing. Since 2009, he has been a CFA program instructor for several leading financial training companies and recently taught CFA courses in Hong Kong.

Here Sam takes the huge 6-volume set of CFA Learning Outcome Statements, which also includes a lot of materials that are tangential to the exam, and distills them into only the essential elements that you need to pass. He covers the critical concepts, along with relevant examples, in an easy-to-read format and helps you use your limited study time more efficiently. You’ll find that Sam’s A-Plus Study Notes are:

Portable. Once you’ve done the initial reading, these notes will allow you to do your brush-up anytime and anywhere.
User-friendly, well-organized, clear. The notes were created by a wealth management advisor who passed all three levels on the first try.
Cost-effective. Much more affordable than a review course. Once you pass the exam you can easily earn back the cost in less than a week.
Time-efficient. The notes allow you to be flexible. Work at your own speed. Focus on the parts you need to review. Work at your comfort level.

Samuel J. Gottlieb, CFP, CFA is a former New York trust/estate attorney and successful Merrill Lynch wealth management advisor, providing legal and financial planning services since 1988.

In 2009, Sam moved into a new career as an instructor for the CFA program at a leading financial training company. He recently completed a tour of duty with Kaplan Financial Markets as an instructor of courses for the CFA, Financial Risk Manager, and securities licensing examinations in Hong Kong. Currently Sam is an instructor for Year Up, a nationwide non-profit and youth development organization, where he teaches Financial Operations. He also continues to teach as an adjunct instructor for several training companies.

Sam passed all three levels of the CFA exam on his first try by distilling only the essentials from the multi-volume CFA curriculum materials. He makes it fast as easy for you to concentrate on what you need to pass the Level II exam in this streamlined course of study.


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