BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, Second Edition



BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation is the definitive reference to draw credible and defensible IP value conclusions. Leading expert Michael Pellegrino delivers real-world case studies of IP valuation analyses from start to finish in each of the primary IP categories. This practical, hands-on Guide presents an objective framework for conducting due diligence of IP rights, performing the legal analysis, and correlating the impacts of IP rights on value. Chapter 1 About This Guide Chapter 2 IP Valuation Overview Chapter 3 About IP Valuation Chapter 4 Using Valuation Approaches Chapter 5 General Due Diligence Chapter 6 Patent Due Diligence Chapter 7 Copyright Due Diligence Chapter 8 Trademark Due Diligence Chapter 9 Trade Secret Due Diligence Chapter 10 Discount Rate Development Chapter 11 Determining Royalty Rates Chapter 12 Case Study in IP Valuation Chapter 13 Managing an Engagement Chapter 14 Auditor’s Review Guide


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