How to Save Tax 2011/12: A Plain English Guide to UK Taxation



How to Save Tax 2011/12 is crammed full of tax planning tips that will help you pay much less income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and other taxes. It’s written in plain English with lots of practical real-life examples. Subjects covered include a round-up of all the latest tax changes and how they affect you, how to invest tax free – a guide to the best tax shelters, how to increase your tax credits, tips for completing your annual tax return, how to maximize your tax savings from charitable giving (plus traps to watch out for), tax tips for business owners (including property investors), tax tips for company owners including how the latest corporation tax changes affect you, the benefits and drawbacks of company cars, a plain English guide to capital gains tax and inheritance tax saving tips. All in all, this guide is essential reading for anyone who wants to pay less tax.


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