InsidersChoice To CFA 2011 Level I Certification: The Candidate’s Study Guide to Chartered Financial Analyst Learning Outcome Statements (with Download Practice Exam Software)


The purpose of The Candidate’s guide is to supply you the information and practice required to pass the CFA Level I exam. It is the first in a series of three exams, in addition to industry experience, needed to obtain the CFA designation. Once you have passed the CFA Level I exam, you are considered to have mastered the basics and the general breadth, but not the depth, of the information necessary to function as an analyst in today’s global economy.

The Candidate’s Guide Tutorials provides two main sections for each Study Session:

  • 1. Book / eBook CFA Curriculum, including Concept Checks
  • 2. Self Help and Interactive Exam Study Aid SoftwareYou begin your studies with the CFA Curriculum on Page 1. Continue your studies page-by-page; the learning outcome statements (LOS) have been re-ordered, where necessary, to make learning more intuitive than in the CFA Institute’s Study Guide. Our concise writing style minimizes learning time, and there are numerous Examples to help you master every LOS. Study Guide command words are boldface in the LOS title; the examiners expect that your knowledge reflects the command word.

    It is suggested that you first read the Learning Outcome Statements to get familiar with the section, and answer the Assessment questions provided within the program to determine your weakest topics.

    Each Specific Study Session question database consists of 40+ multiple choice questions with a level of difficulty and design similar to that of the CFA examination itself. Allow 60 minutes to complete each Adaptive Exam (90 seconds per question). Adaptive Exam questions are unique to The Candidate’s Guide Tutorials, so if you have also purchased other Level I Mock Exam (Morning or Afternoon Sessions) rest assured that our Adaptive Exam questions will not be repeated there.

    Concept Checks complete each Reading Assignment and they consist of questions to reinforce your knowledge. Answers to Concept Check questions are the end of each Study Session.
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    Practice Questions and Answers
    After reviewing more intensely the Learning Outcome Statements, use the Financial Analyst Quizzer testing media to solidify what you have learned and to prepare you for testing and passing the exam. Included with this title is download software designed to help you study for the CFA Level 1 exam by presenting simulated exams and study sessions using the question and answer format. Drawing questions from a 3000+ question database, the Financial Exam Quizzer software exam engine gives you the capability of a Study Session, a testing environment, and Flash Card environment with the look and feel of the actual CFA exam. In order to pass you must be properly prepared. You should also know that if you need to take the exam a second time, you can expect a completely different selection of questions.

    Authors: Jane Vessey, and David Stewart are CFA’s¬†with combined experience in venture capital, asset management and valuation, structural reorganization, and private client management. They have extensive experience in teaching CFA online, college, and professional development courses. Their books, articles, manuals, practice exams, analysis, commentary, and study guides have appeared widely in the financial management, securities, and exam preparation industries.

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