Tax and Estate Planning with Real Estate, Partnerships and LLCs, 2014



Tax and Estate Planning with Real Estate, Partnerships and LLCs covers important real estate tax law and estate planning issues. There are more than 200 examples that explain concepts that, because of complexity or other difficulties are hard to absorb in narrative form only. This work is divided into fifteen substantive areas. Topics discussed include the following: tax issues related to primary and secondary personal residences; tax issues applicable to partnerships with most of the focus on limited partnerships as the historically favorite vehicle for investing in real estate; limited liability companies, also a favorite vehicle for real estate investments; passive loss limitations and “”at risk”” provisions; real estate investment trusts (REITs); tax issues related to the disposition and restructuring of “”distressed”” real estate (a topic made timely by the recent credit meltdown); like-kind exchanges, one of the best tax saving mechanisms remaining in the Internal Revenue Code; tax consequences associated with involuntary conversions of property; tax issues applicable to the construction, improvement and leasing of real estate; capital gains and installment sale issues; tax issues related to charitable transfers of real estate; asset protection techniques in conjunction with real estate; tax issues related to exempt organization ownership of real estate; estate planning ideas related to real estate; discount and valuation issues in estate planning. Also covered is how the intersecting tax and estate planning issues affect non-U.S. citizens who find themselves subject to U.S. taxation and estate planning issues of interest to U.S. citizens with interests abroad. Transfer tax and recordation tax issues are also discussed.


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