NASDAQ Composite Components (50 Book Series)



From Book 1: Do you want to earn up to a 1751% annual return on your money by two trades per day on V.F. Corp. VFC Stock? Reading this book is the only way to have a specific strategy. This book offers you a chance to trade VFC Stock at predicted prices. Eight methods for buying and selling VFC Stock at predicted low/high prices are introduced. These predicted prices are very close to the lowest and highest prices of the stock in a day. All methods are explained in a very easy-to-understand way by using many examples, formulas, figures, and tables. The BIG DATA of the 8807 consecutive trading days (from July 1, 1985 to June 9, 2020) are utilized. The methods do not require any background on mathematics from readers. Furthermore, they are easy to use. Each takes you no more than 30 seconds for calculation to obtain a predicted price. The methods are not transient. They cannot be beaten by Mr. Market in several years, even until the stock doubles its current age. They are traits of Mr. Market. The reason is that the author uses the law of large numbers in the probability theory to construct them. In other words, you can use the methods in a long time without worrying about their change. The book is very useful for Investors who have decided to buy the stock and keep it for a long time (as the strategy of Warren Buffett), or to sell the stock and pay attention to other stocks. The methods will help them to maximize profits for their decision. Day traders who buy and sell the stock many times in a day. Although each method is valid one time per day, the information from the methods will help the traders buy/sell the stock in the second time, third time or more in a day. Beginners to VFC Stock. The book gives an insight about the behavior of the stock. They will surely gain their knowledge of VFC Stock after reading the book. Everyone who wants to know about the U.S. stock market.


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